Esse post vai ser um resumo do que eu comi durante esse período, vou precisar preencher o Diet Log para levar na próxima aula de parto, dia 8 de agosto.


Breakfast: Green juice + oatmeal with almond butter and seeds + lemon tea

Lunch: black beans with veggies, crunch seeds and big salad + beets + 1 orange

Dinner: cauliflower gnocchi with tomato sauce, veggies and tofu sausage + big salad + water and lime

Snacks: 1/2 apple with almond butter + peanuts


Breakfast: green juice + almond meal pancakes with walnuts

Lunch: black beans with veggies and tofu sausage, crunch seeds + spinach and beets salad + water and lemon

Dinner: big spinach and kale salad, with avocado and seeds + lime and water

Snacks: yucca little bread with cashew cream + popcorn


Breakfast: green juice + seeds and nuts toast with cashew cream + lemon tea

Lunch: grilled tofu sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms, zucchini and onions with crunch seeds, spinach and beets leaves big salad + water and lime

Dinner: spinach, arugula, beets, avocado and quinoa salad + water and lime

Snacks: watermelon + edamame


Breakfast: green juice

Lunch: brow rice and lentils + oven baked tofu and seaweed + big green salad with beets + 1 orange

Dinner: grilled broccoli, green peas, mushrooms, bell pepper + quinoa + cooked beets + spinach salad + water and lime

Snacks: oat milk, flaxseed with banana + peanuts


Breakfast: beets and veggies juice + almond meal waffles with cashew cream and peanut butter

Lunch: chickpea pasta with spinach, kale and walnuts pesto with tofu and tomatoes + water and lime

Dinner: mung beans with quinoa, cooked beets, roasted mushrooms with spinach and tomato salad + water and lime

Snacks: watermelon + walnuts and apricots


Breakfast: green juice + oatmeal with chia seeds, hempseed, walnuts, pumpkin seeds and coconut

Lunch: oven baked sweet potato, roasted chickpeas with veggies and spinach, arugula, beets and kale salad + 1 orange

Dinner: cooked mung beans with flaxseed, big green salad with veggies + lime and water

Snacks: yucca little breads with cashew cream + peanuts


Breakfast: veggies and beets juice + tofu scramble with nuts and seeds toast

Lunch: chickpea and veggies salad, wild rice, oven baked mushrooms, big green salad + water and lime

Dinner: broccoli, edamame, tofu sausage, tomato, olives, spinach, beets leaves and lettuce

Snacks: quinoa banana bread + almonds